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The Journey Gym is advertised as the world’s first truly portable universal gym. While I was skeptical of the number of exercises it was supposed to enable, I thought I’d give it a try and see whether it could stand on its own as a gym to use in the home, not just “it’s better than nothing when I’m traveling.”

I’m glad to report the Journey Gym is much more than a system to use when traveling. The entire system folds up, all the cables, hand holds, and legs snapping into place securely inside the compact case. All together, the gym weighs just over fifteen pounds, making it very portable. The best part as a mom who values every inch of my home’s space, I can use this gym and then fold it up, put it in the closet and out of the way without taking up half a room like a traditional gym would.

The gym consists of a folding case, which doubles as a stair stepper when opened, thirty resistance bands, adjustable hand grips, and an instructional booklet and disc.



To get started, open the case, put each leg in its slot, take out the hand grips, and flip the case over to rest on the legs. You are ready to go, that easy! The case is sturdy and designed to be stepped on, and your weight is what holds it down while using resistance bands. Use it for cardio as it is, or connect the clip attached to the hand grips to the resistance bands to do strength training or toning.

Each side of the step has five resistance bands, allowing a range of five to seventy-five pounds of resistance per side. Attach the clip to as many of the bands as you want, or add some of the ten included extra bands for more resistance. Each handle has a button to press near your thumb, extending or retracting the cable to match the length you need. It made it take literally two seconds to switch from a low lift like toe lifts to a very high lift, without having to readjust bands or stop my exercise.



I have had this gym for a little over two weeks now, and have used it for everything from stair stepping cardio to bench press by laying on the step, from curls to shoulder side raises and squats. The resistance bands are holding strong and show no signs of wear, but are very simple to remove if one ever needs replaced. All parts are quality from the case and step cushion to the metal hand grips that have a rotating grip, ensuring comfort at every step of your lift.

The only thing left to want with this gym is that, because of its compact and light nature, you cannot do leg resistance training outside of squats. It just doesn’t work. The gym depends on your weight to hold it down, and laying on your back or side and using the handles with your feet will end badly (so do NOT try it at home!). No complaints there, though, because if it was heavy enough to sit on its own I would not be able to lift it, and the portability is well worth it!

If you have a home gym and do not travel much, this might not be a fit for you. But if you are often gone and want to use the same equipment away as you do at home, or you just don’t have the space for a gym or the money for a membership, the Journey Gym is well worth the money. Being so compact and portable, your friends will soon be asking how you got so thin and fit without going to the gym!


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