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My son is 18 months old and while he has no idea what “monsters” are yet, he still gets a little scared at night when it is pitch black in his room.   To make him feel more secure, my son has a Playskool Glow Worm that he takes to bed with him.  He presses the belly of it repeatedly to keep it on until he falls asleep.  Doing this night after night, the batteries do not hold up.  We have replaced the batteries several times and, I have to say, keeping up with the batteries is not cheap!  When I came across the rechargeable KinderGlo portable nightlight for kids, I knew I had to try it!  The KinderGlo is available in 8 different characters – my favorite was Hootie, the cute little owl! 

Hootie the Owl stands just under 5 inches tall – perfect size for my son to cuddle at night.  All KinderGlo products are BPA and lead free which is great since he is still going through the teething stage!  Each KinderGlo comes with a 6 foot charging cable and a charging station.



The KinderGlo is kid safe and easy to use.  Just press the button on the base of the KinderGlo to switch through the available colors and hold the button for 3 seconds to switch between the 30 minute timer and continuously on.  Although I normally set Hootie to stay on for 30 minutes, my son likes to fidget with the buttons, clicking through the colors and often switching it to stay on all night.  Luckily it is rechargeable and I never have to worry about purchasing batteries for it!  I just plug in the charging station and place the KinderGlo on it and it is recharged and ready for him by the time he heads to bed!  The battery can be recharged from dead to full charge in 10 hours.  

At first I worried that the colors could be too bright or harsh on the eyes in my son’s dark bedroom at night but I tested it myself before leaving it with him and was pleasantly surprised.  The light is soothing and not too bright and although he is not much of a talker yet, my son seems to love it!  Being extremely portable, he has even taken Hootie with us on trips in the car a couple of times!  



My son loves his KinderGlo nightlight and it really seems to help him calm down before falling asleep.  We might even have to get a second one when my newborn gets a bit older so they can each have their own!  Now to choose…another Hootie or a completely new character….  Antho the T-Rex is kind of cute with that huge smile!  What do you think? 




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