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Being a stay at home mom, I need to be prepared for everything.  When it rains, I don’t want to trudge around in wet shoes while carrying my boys to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment.  I also need a pair of outdoor footwear I can rely on to keep my feet safe, clean and cool while my husband and I work in our yard.  Luckily, Muck Boot Company has everything I need when it comes to boots!  

On their website, you can find boots for men, women, and kids in several styles.  They have everything, including equestrian boots, warm winter boots, hunting boots and even steel toe boots.  Muck Boots recently sent me two styles of women’s boots to try; Breezy Tall and Breezy Mid Cool.


Muck Boot Co Breezy Tall Rain Boots


The first style, Breezy Tall, is Muck Boots’ new insulated rain boot.  These will keep your feet warm, comfortable, and dry with 3mm of Neoprene separating your feet from the outside world.  An EVA midsole and outsole make this style lightweight, full of cushion and support, but they also provide great traction.  You may worry that your feet will be too warm and sweaty in these boots but rest assured, they feature a PK Mesh lining for breathability.  

When I first slipped into my Breezy Tall rain boots, my feet were immediately greeted with comfort.  Unlike the cheap rain boots I have tried at some stores, these are sturdy, have plenty of cushion and can be worn with or without socks.  The boots have a smooth lining which is comfortable on the leg if you wear them with shorts.  The slight heel is hardly noticeable which is great for those who do not do well with heels.  Although a bit tall for my short self, the Breezy Tall are a great height to ensure you stay dry.

While we have been predicted to have rain several times the past few weeks, the weatherman has been wrong.  I unfortunately missed the opportunity to try out my new boots when our only rain came in the middle of the night.  But since I am providing a review on all aspects of these boots, I tested them out in the bathtub!  What good would rain boots be if your feet got wet anyways?  I filled the water just a few inches and stepped in.  As I expected and hoped, my feet stayed dry!  Here in Illinois, I expect to get some good use out of my Breezy Tall boots in the next few months.  When we get snow, it usually melts within a day or two, leaving us slush everywhere.


Muck Boots Breezy Cool Women's


The second style of women’s boots I tried were the Breezy Mid Cool.  As you would expect from the name, these boots are a bit shorter and intended to keep your feet cool as you work.  The “Xpress Cool” lining wicks moisture away from your feet while the etc® sock liner reduces friction and heat build up.  They even have rubber rods in the EVA outsole to ensure support and traction.  On top of that, they are also 100% waterproof!  

I got a chance to try out my Breezy Mid Cool almost immediately after they arrived.  My husband and I are completing renovations on our home which includes ripping out part of the front porch and re-building the rest of it.  Part of our house used to be a barber shop (how neat to have history in our home!) so there was a sidewalk leading up to the front of the house.  The previous owners broke down that sidewalk, poured dirt on top of it, added a porch and called it done, leaving a lot of work for us!  

I started out wearing my Breezy Mid Cool without socks but after a few minutes, decided I preferred them with socks.  Without socks, my feet seemed to get warm, but socks, they were perfect, even in the 80 degree weather.  I wore the boots for about 5 hours straight and although my arms and body were tired, my feet were not achey and hot as they normally would be with other shoes.  

Both pairs of my Muck Boots feel sturdy, quality-made and comfortable!  I am very happy with them and know that they are going to last me quite a long time.  You can find them online or in several sporting goods or farm supply stores (see the store locator for specific locations).


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  1. Now those are cute! I could definitely get some use out of them in our wonderful NE Ohio winters. Maybe the hubs will get me a pair for Christmas… ;-)

  2. These are so adorable! I love the colors, I bet everyone in my family would love some of these, I’m definitely going to have to check it out, thank you!

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