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Monogrammed products are perfect for wedding gifts, birthday presents but who knew they were also perfect for an everyday item you use?  When I came across The Pink Monogram, I instantly noticed their monogrammed iPhone cases.  I have been using the same boring case on my phone for over a year and as soon as I saw the customizable Otterbox Commuter case, I knew I had to have it!  My iPhone definitely needs a protective case since my 15 month old often gets a hold of it – he loves talking on speaker phone with daddy while he is on his lunch break!  The Otterbox case has port covers for the power dock as well as the headphone jack.  The case offers protection against scratches, bumps and shock to your phone.  

The Pink Monogram, owned by Monica Smith, has been in business for 8 years and has an online store as well a brick and mortar shop in Greenville, South Carolina.  In 2008, they made the “O” list on and again in 2010 when their clogs were an Oprah favorite!  At The Pink Monogram, you can find everything from apparel and purses to sports and wedding gifts.

Customizing my Otterbox cell phone case was very easy and only took a few minutes, most of which was spent deciding the perfect color and pattern.  When ordering, I was first asked to choose the model of my phone.  Currently, the monogrammed Otterbox case is available for the iPhone 4 and 4s, Samsung Galaxy 3, Motorola Razor, HTC Evo, HTC Inspire and Blackberry 9800.   I chose the pink and white Otterbox for my iPhone 4.  Next, I was given the choice of the background color or pattern.  I chose the multi dot pattern – I love all the colors!  After choosing my background pattern, I was able to choose my font, font color and text.  Instead of a classic monogram with my initials, I chose to have my nickname, “Dani,” printed on the phone.  

For the next 3 weeks, I checked my mailbox every morning, anxiously awaiting my case’s arrival.  The Pink Monogram estimates that your product will take 3 weeks to arrive so if you are ordering a gift for a special occasion, take this into consideration.  When my case arrived, it was clear the box was from The Pink Monogram – there was a nice clear logo on one side of the box to let me know.  I opened the box to find the case in a package carefully wrapped in tissue paper.   I opened the package and there was my case…it looked even better than I expected and it was so cool seeing my name on it!  I instantly took my phone out of my old case and put this one on.  The Otterbox case is very easy to put on your phone – just put the silicone piece on and snap the polycarbonate piece on over it.  

I took some initial photos of the Otterbox case as soon as it was out of the box and on my phone so that I could compare after a few weeks of wear.  As you can see from the photos, the pattern and text are printed onto the case with a thin layer that almost looks like paint.  My name fits just perfectly between the Otterbox logo and the circle opening for the Apple logo.  The print wraps pretty smoothly around the edges with just a few small rough spots that are hardly noticeable.  

After a week of use, the case looks just like new with the exception of a tiny chip in the design around the edge.  This may have been due to a rough spot but it doesn’t seem as though it will spread.  I do keep my phone in my pocket often and as I mentioned before, my 15 month old gets a hold of it occasionally – maybe a tooth was the culprit!  All of my friends and family have already commented on how cute my case is.  There is no doubt that it is definitely one of a kind thanks to The Pink Monogram


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