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Until my sons were born, I had never really been around babies.  I was an only child and did not have any close family with infants.  Once my sons were born, I was in for a world of change and had a lot to learn.  Luckily, my husband had experience in helping to raise his younger sisters so he has taught me a lot.  But, unfortunately, even those with experience cannot always soothe a colicky baby or prevent a baby from a strong startle reflex.  Swaddling is a well known way to help with this.  However, I gave birth to minature Houdinis.  My sons have managed to pull their arms out of any velcro or homemade swaddle no matter how well I thought I had wrapped it.  My toddler did it as a baby and now my newborn follows in his footsteps and does the same thing.  I have also often found that my newborn squirms around and manages to pull part of the swaddle over his face which can become dangerous and cause suffocation.  Having heard of the Woombie, I thought it was definitely worth a try since it fastens via a zipper rather than wrapping around with velcro or being tucked under. 



The Woombie is an innovative product combining the effects of swaddling with the feeling of being comfortable in the womb again.  As found on the Woombie website, the benefits and features of the Woombie are as follows: 


It is comfortable:

  • Soft, ECO cotton fabric gently hugs baby
  • Baby feels secure, not confined, easing transition from WOMB to World!

It is safe:

  • Follows Pediatrician & S.I.D.S. guidelines
  • Maintains airflow and will not overheat baby
  • No loose blankets covering airways
  • Prevents face scratching

It is effective:

  • Prevents unnecessary waking due to the Startle Reflex
  • Soothes babies with colic
  • Will not come undone
  • Promotes natural motor development
  • Easy to use, just zip it up



  • Swaddles baby, preventing startle reflex & overheating
  • Promotes & enhances motor development by allowing baby to stretch
  • Prevents face scratching & keeps “busy” hands away from face & pacifier & overheating
  • No loose blankets to ride up and cause potential suffocation
  • Easy to use ( IN/OUT ) & encourages back sleeping
  • No more worry of blankets unraveling which can lead to potential blanket suffocation
  • No face scratching or Startle Reflex to awaken baby.
  • See a marked improvement in Colic symptoms.
  • Effective swaddling without the need to tightly restrain baby, which can interfere with important Motor Skill development and even cause developmental hip dysplasia.
  • Prevents overheating (which has been linked to SIDS) due to over-wrapping.


The Woombie is available in a variety of colors and materials.  I chose the Keylime (green) Original Woombie.  I thought about trying the Winter Fleece style but most of my son’s outfits are fleece so I did not want him to overheat while wearing it.  When I first put my son in the Woombie, I was surprised in the tightness around his waist and the difficulty to zip it.  Once he was zipped in, Evan calmed down and seemed comfortable.  With my son being 9 lbs, I ordered the newborn 5 – 13 lb sized Woombie.  According to Woombie, “Sizes should be ordered in accordance with weight, not age or length”  but I do not know how much longer we will actually be able to use this size for my son.  



One great feature of the Woombie is that it can unzip from the bottom.  This enables you to leave the baby’s arms wrapped up while you check or change a diaper.  At the top of the zipper is a snap.  I have seen this on most sleep and play outfits because it helps to protect the baby’s chin and neck from the zipper.  

For those of you with babies who have a strong startle reflex and seem to wiggle out of traditional swaddles, I definitely recommend checking out the Woombie.  The company also sells a variety of different products such as the Air-Wrap which is made of a very breathable fabric that can be used for traditional swaddling or even just as a light blanket as your child grows.  They even make Woombies with legs – how neat!  


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