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As a mom to a young toddler and a newborn, I feel like I practically sleep walk to the kitchen to warm baby bottles at night.  Moms and dads, I bet you know exactly how I feel!  I have been looking online at bottle warmers to cut down those trips and save myself a little sanity and energy at night and I came across the Yoomi Bottle.  The Yoomi is an innovative bottle like none I have seen before.  

Available in 5 or 8 oz, the Yoomi bottle is ergonomically shaped and bpa free.  The nipple is soft and naturally shaped to make an easy transition between breast and bottle feeding.  If you are breast feeding and using the bottle for breast milk, it is completely safe to use the Yoomi with breast milk.  



On to the part you are all wondering about – the warmer!  I was a little surprised at the weight of the charger, but it is very easy to use and very helpful at times.  First, remove the warmer from the bottle and either microwave it for 2 minutes or boil it for 4 minutes to charge it.  Let the warmer cool for 75 minutes and voila…it is ready to go!  When you are ready to use the warmer, insert it into the bottle under the nipple and press the button to activate it.  After 30 seconds, the button will turn blue.  Put the cap on the bottle and turn the bottle upside down to let the nipple fill with warm milk (or formula.)  After 30 seconds, you can give the bottle to the baby to begin feeding on the warm milk.  More milk will warm as the baby sucks and pulls milk past the warmer.  The warmer will continue to warm milk for up to an hour.  



The Yoomi warmer will remain charged until you use it.  If you warm it before bed or before leaving the house, it will remain charged until you choose to use it, but once you have activated the warmer, you will need to recharge it before using it again.  Each warmer can be recharged up to 100 times so I would not suggest using it for every single feeding.  I will be using mine primarily for night time feedings as well as while we are out of the house this winter.  The Yoomi bottle can be used without the warmer, so if your warmer runs out of charges or you choose not to warm milk for a feeding, you can still use the bottle exclusively.  The Yoomi will definitely make it much easier to avoid those occasional cold bottles while we are out with no access to warm water or a microwave this winter!  


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