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The Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean is a baby swaddle designed with comfort in mind. Like any swaddle, it wraps baby snugly in place. What sets the Zen Swaddle apart is the specially weighted front, which has small weighted pockets at points designed to comfort baby, much like gently putting your hand on baby’s tummy or chest for comfort.

The first thing I noticed about this swaddle is how silky and soft it is. I wouldn’t mind being swaddled in it myself! When laid out open, there is a pouch for baby’s legs. The flaps of the swaddle then wrap around baby and velcro in place. Then the Zen flap folds from the feet upwards over the rest of the swaddle like a blanket. The weights hold it in place and seem to help keep our new addition from startling as much as he does in other swaddles, and MUCH less than when he is not swaddled.



The swaddle cleans easily and looks and feels great to me as the mom. I can not speak to the comfort or whether the weight actually calm the baby’s mind, since I am not the baby. I can say that it seemed to reduce his startle reflex and allowed him to have less broken sleep when napping. When he is in our fleece swaddle he still startles at times and wants to get his arms out, but he has not tried to get his arms out of this swaddle at all. He just lays back and seems calm.


In the photo below, you can see my son at just 2 weeks old, nested comfortably in the Zen Swaddle.  



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