Roaring 20s Party Must-Haves for Women!

Roaring 20s Must Haves for Women!


The 1920s were a time of fashion and freedom for women. They had gained more rights with the recent women’s suffrage movement, the economy was booming, and jazz was becoming popular.  You may hear the era referred to as the Roaring 20s, the Jazz Age, or the Golden Age.  

Now that we are in the 2020s, many are celebrating with 20s themed parties.  For some, this is a party to welcome the new decade, and for others, it is a celebration of 100 years.  

This year, my childrens’ great great grandmother (5 generations) turned 100 years old.  The family celebrated with a huge Roaring 20s party.  It was an absolute blast!  



As I studied the styles to prepare for the party, I decided to put together a quick guide for your next 20s party! 

The Dress

1920s dresses are so gorgeous with fringe, sequins, and beads.  They are absolutely made for dancing!  A lot of the styles you’ll find online are on the sexier flapper side, but there are plenty out there for those who are a bit more modest. If fringe isn’t your thing, try looking for something a little more casual like this Great Gatsby style dress.  



A lot of the 20s style dresses are sleeveless, which leaves the opportunity to dress it up with a fun shawl.  You can go the style of the faux fur above, or this beautiful golden fringed scarf styled shawl.   


Pearls are an iconic piece of the 1920s.  Earlier in the decade, longer pearls were fashionable, and they got shorter as the decade progressed.  Sometimes you will find these necklaces as a longer style tied in a knot, and sometimes they were worn in layers.  Pair up your necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings to complete the look.  


Another fun accessory is the fancy headpiece.  Typically beaded, feathered, or tassled, this piece goes around the entire head, across the forehead.  It is such a fun way to dress up your hair!  If you are opting for a more casual style, I recommend looking at cloche hats.  This Gatsby themed flower cloche hat is an affordable option.  



Mary Janes and T-strap heels in gold, black, or silver are perfect for your Roaring 20s style.  You can jazz them up with crystals or gold on the heel for some extra pizzazz.  



Other Accessories

To complete your outfit, you can add elbow length gloves (black, white, whatever compliments your outfit), a (fake) cigarette holder, and a beaded clutch.   


Roaring 20s Party Must Haves for Women

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