Make the perfect spa night or holiday gift basket with Sally Hansen & N.Y.C.



Holiday gift baskets and spa nights can be expensive but when you look at the products available from Sally Hansen and New York Color, you will find that you can actually put together a basket at a reasonable price!  Most of you know Sally Hansen for their nail color but they have much more than that!  

Sally Hansen gave me the opportunity to pick out some products to set up my own gift basket.  Since I was thinking of doing a quick little makeover for date night, I picked out these products:


  • Little Details Point-Tip Travel Tweezer
  • Ouch Relief Wax Kit
  • Do Your Do’ Hair Shears
  • Individual Eyes Custom Compact
  • HD Trio Eye Shadow
  • Show Time Volumnizing Waterproof Mascara
  • Appleicious Glossy Lip Balm



Sally Hansen Tweezer, Ouch Relief Wax and Hair Shears 

Sally Hansen’s Little Details Point-Tip Travel Tweezer is the perfect little tweezer.  It is small enough to take in your makeup bag on-the-go but it does everything the full-size Stray Hair Beware Tweezer does.  Whether you need to tidy up your eyebrows or a stray leg hair (face it, you occasionally have that one left after shaving or waxing), this set is spectacular.  They can remove tiny splinters with ease, pull out that annoying ingrown hair…you name it.  These are must-have for a pampering/makeover night!  

Speaking of waxing…we all know how fun that is.  Not!  Sally Hansen has released the Ouch Relief Wax Kits in an attempt to save you some pain when you wax.  Before waxing, you use a pre-treatment wipe to wipe the area you will be waxing and continue as usual.  Now, they didn’t say this is Ouch-Free Wax…they say Ouch-Relief….and it is just that.  It will numb the skin a bit to ease your pain but you may still feel discomfort.  This kit allows you to get the smooth legs you deserve without all the pain.  

I have found that my husband has great hair trimming skills.  He trims my hair and I save $15-20.  With the Do Your Do’ hair shears, you can trim your hair at home too.  Ok, so we might not all have husbands with a careful, steady hand that we trust, but you can at least trim those straggling split ends in the front for a quick pick-me-up for your hairdo.  It will save you a trip to the salon and some money from your wallet.  If you are brave, you could even try to add some layers to your hair.  There are several YouTube tutorial videos that explain and show you how to do just that.  


Sally Hansen Eye Shadow

New York Color has a large variety of makeup to fit any style and the best part is that it is affordable!  You can find everything from eye shadow and bronzing powder to lip stick and nail color.  I picked out a few items that I thought would come together for a natural but cute look for myself.   I picked out the Individual Eyes Custom Compact (in Central Park) and HD Trio Eye Shadow (in Streets Paved in Gold.)  You will find primer, illuminator and complimenting eye shadows in the Individual Eyes Compact.  The colors are specially picked to enhance eye colors to make them pop.  The HD Trio Eye Shadow are high intensity, long lasting colors.  These colors are intended to stay vibrant all day and look amazing! 


Sally Hansen Lip Balm and Mascara

Mascara and lip gloss are two of my must-have makeup products.  Even when I don’t have any other makeup on, I have mascara on to enhance my pale lashes.  New York Color’s Show Time Volumnizing Waterproof Mascara is melt-free and will last all day whether you are pool side or spending the day with family.  All of New York Color’s mascaras are only available in black but black is the only color that looks good on my lashes so that is perfect for me.  Looking for soft, moisturized lips?  Check out New York Color’s Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm.  Available in subtle, natural colors as well as brighter colors that pop, this lip balm feels great.  

Maybe you are a mom who wants a night to pamper yourself and try new makeup.  Maybe you are looking for the perfect set of products for a gift basket for your teen daughter.  Either way, Sally Hansen and New York Color have just the products for you!  



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