Simple Christmas Craft for Toddlers

This Christmas foam craft is perfect for toddlers

In my family, homemade gifts are always a favorite.  When Alex was 6 months old, we let him finger paint on canvases and gave each set of grandparents their own personalized canvas painting.  They absolutely loved it!  This year I wanted to find a way to give everyone a gift from him, including his aunts and cousins.  I don’t know about you but I just don’t have a closet full of craft items that I can just pick and choose from for my son to play with.  We have some of the basics…construction paper, crayons, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and a few other items.  I decided to browse Michael’s while they were having a huge sale a couple weeks ago and came across this fun set of foam ornament picture frame wreaths and it seemed just perfect!  I think I only paid around $5 for the box.  Considering it comes with 24 wreaths and the activity could be split over different days, that’s not too bad of a deal!  Here’s another cute foam ornament kit I found on Amazon! 

Set Up

Separate into sets.  I gave Alex one wreath, 2 large stars, 2 small stars, 2 holly, 1 ribbon and 1 bell.  There are several other sets so yours may have different stickers, but there should be a listing on the box of how many stickers there are to give you an idea of how many you can use on each wreath.

To get him started, I placed the ribbon at the top of the wreath.  This prevented him from covering the string hole and showed him where the top of the wreath was.

I peeled the backing off each foam sticker and handed them to him one by one.  I let him decide where he wanted to place them so they would be his own unique creations.  To my surprise, Alex placed most of the stickers in similar places on each wreath.

This Christmas foam craft is perfect for toddlers



Foam craft sets are inexpensive, simple, and fun for your kids and make great gift for family!  The box I purchased at Michael’s has 24 sets which gives us extra to keep for ourselves.  When we set up our Christmas tree, Alex will be so happy to hang one of his ornaments on it!  I will be writing his name and the date on the back of them so we can look back years later and remember the fun we had making them.  I do realize that these were intended to be picture frames but I prefer to keep them as simple ornaments.

Does your toddler enjoy crafts?  Stickers encourage your toddler to work on their fine motor skills as well as creativity.  You can find these sets year round at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, and several other stores…. Even!  I will soon be purchasing the Alphabet and Numbers set I saw at Walmart so my son can learn to spell basic words.  I can’t wait!


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