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I have been looking for a toy that both my 1 year old and my 2 1/2 year old could enjoy playing with together.  One that was simple enough for my youngest, yet could provoke creativity in my toddler.  When I came across Smart Toys and Games’ SmartMax sets, I knew they were a perfect addition to my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  Available in several different sets, each SmartMax piece contains a magnet strong enough to hold 60x its weight, but is easily manipulable by little hands to create fun and creative constructions.  

Intended for ages 1 and up, the SmartMax Set Basic 25 contains enough pieces to keep my boys entertained, but not so many they are overwhelmed.  With 4 tall pieces, 12 small pieces and 9 balls, the construction possibilities are endless for my toddlers.  My oldest has learned the names of basic shapes and was amazed when he discovered he could create a triangle or square with the pieces!  With each piece’s magnetism being unique to its size and color, they have both learned that some pieces will stay together while others simply will not go together at all. 




Each SmartMax piece feels sturdy enough to stand up to being dropped or thrown on the floor by my kids.  They are also large enough that I do not have to worry my youngest will choke on them, giving me peace of mind as they play together.  This is one toy that will really grow with them – the youngest likes putting two pieces together and pulling them apart, over and over.  His older brother likes making basic shapes, sticking them all to the front door in a pattern, or stacking them as tall as he can.  As he gets older, he can create complex shapes, 3D structures, and anything else his little mind can come up with!  

The SmartMax sets are definitely a toy that won’t have to go in the yard sale after your child’s next birthday.  They will grow with them for years and are durable enough to pass down to younger siblings.  If you lose a few pieces or want to expand your child’s building capabilities with more pieces, fear not – you do not have to buy a whole new mixed set.  You can purchase a box of extra bars, balls or even curved bars that were not included in the set I reviewed.  They even have added a set that is perfect for the girl who loves building but wants it to have a bit of a girly flair; the Flower Palace Toy – how fun!  There are also several other add-ons including trucks and cars, adding even more possibilities to the creativity flowing out of your child.  Don’t pass up the SmartMax sets as you look for the perfect Christmas gift this year!


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