The Snowball Effect of a Personal Injury

Personal Injury Stress


Being involved in an accident is already scary enough. These fears and stresses can be exacerbated when you suffered injuries. In an instant, any and everything about your life can be changed forever. From your finances to your personal relationships, the aftermath of an accident is often riddled with stress-inducing obstacles to overcome. If you are a parent, you need to be even more prepared.  Fortunately, there are a lot of resources and strategies that can help you get through it all.


Lost Wages/Employment Issues

One of the biggest things to happen to someone who has been injured is lost wages or employment issues. Whether your injuries are short or long-term, if you’ve been hurt to the point that you’re incapable of doing your job, it can impact your finances. Some individuals end up losing time, money, and even their jobs altogether (if their injuries are long-term and they won’t ever be able to perform their duties).

Solutions: Though you may not be able to do much about your diagnosis or recovery time, you can help your finances in a number of ways.

Hire an attorney – when you’re missing time off from work and your budget is starting to hurt because of it, secure an attorney. You’ll need to hire someone who practices in the region the accident took place. For example, if you were injured on a ride at Playland,  you would want to consult a personal injury attorney in White Plains NY or another city in Westchester County. They know the local court system and can help you file a suit to seek compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages resulting from the injury. 

File disability – the moment you’re injured and not able to return to work you need to file a temporary disability claim. Your employer and/or your state has disability insurance which can be used to provide you with financial assistance while you recover.

Government programs – if your income has decreased substantially since the accident you may need further assistance from the government. There are programs that provide free or affordable healthcare, housing assistance, utility assistance, food stamps, and more you can take advantage of.  These programs can help you get back on your feet!

Tap into your savings – hopefully, you’ve been putting away for a rainy day. If so, now would be the time to use your emergency funds to tide you over until you receive other financial help. 


Hospital Stays/Long-Term Issues

Serious injuries can significantly alter the course of your life. Some people have to be hospitalized for days, weeks, or months at a time until they recover (which also increases medical expenses). Others end up having long-term issues that require long-term care or permanent lifestyle changes.

Solutions: Being seriously injured is stressful, but there are ways you can speed up your recovery. For those who have permanent issues, making lifestyle adjustments are necessary.

Work with your doctor – Keeping all your doctor’s appointments, following their advice, and following-up with specialists is the most effective way to recover.

Ask your family for help – If you’re going to be immobile for awhile you’ll need to call in the reinforcements. Your family can be very useful in helping you recover. They can pitch in with household chores, run errands, prepare meals, and even watch your children.  Recently my husband suffered a malpractice injury and we discovered how lucky we were to have family nearby. 

Make changes around the house – If your injuries are permanent you may need to make changes around the house to support yourself. This may include installing a ramp or widening doors for a wheelchair, adding grab bars for extra support, purchasing a lift chair, and whatever else you can think of.


Emotional Distress

Accidents don’t just cause physical pain, they cause emotional pain as well. Dealing with your finances, filing a personal injury suit, seeking medical treatment, and adapting to your new normal can be a lot to take on at once.

Solutions: The most effective solution for dealing with emotional distress is to speak with someone about it. Talking to a therapist or spiritual adviser can help you to gain perspective on things and learn new ways to enjoy life despite your injuries and troubles.


When you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t even your fault, it can turn your world upside down. It’s important that you don’t allow your circumstances or condition to get the best of you. In order to recover and get past the stress of an accident, it is important to make a plan. A personal injury attorney, your doctors, a therapist, and your family are the most effective people to turn to to help you resolve your problems. It may take some time, but eventually, you’ll learn how to appreciate life, and things will go on.

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