Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sofa – it’s toddler size!

This Mickey Mouse flip open sofa by Spinmaster is a definite hit with my boys this year!


One of the most often used gifts for my children this year is definitely the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sofa.  Yes, I know… I gave it to them early in order to properly review it.  But the special moment hasn’t been taken away; I gave it to my youngest for his first birthday, which happens to be in November.  Both he and his older brother absolutely love it!

You’ve probably all seen the style of couch before, as it’s been around for decades now (wow, feeling old!).  It starts out as a cute toddler sized sofa, emblazoned with Mickey Mouse and pals on the front.  Grab the top of the back cushion and pull it to pull out a similarly small bed.  Unlike the couches available when I was younger, this has an attached sleeping bag, equally as covered in Mickey Mouse.  The sleeping bag can unzip from the couch to be used as a blanket, or for washing.  We removed the blanket from ours since our youngest likes climbing inside and isn’t able to figure his way out yet.  It isn’t dangerous, but he doesn’t like it yet.  Our older son, Alex, loves the Mickey blanket and enjoys cuddling under the Mickey Mouse blanket, on a Mickey couch, while holding his Mickey plush toy.

The outside of the couch is completely removable, and the inside is made of a sturdy foam, making the entire sofa soft and great for play at any age.  Both kids enjoy pushing it around, falling onto it, and leaning over so they fall off laughing.  The foam seems a bit sturdier than the old models, which just means even more years of fun!  If you have small kids on your list this year, and they don’t have their own seats like Mommy and Daddy, this is a perfect bet!  It’s one of the first things they’ve played with more than the box it came in, and it’s also useful as a spot for napping or sitting together nicely for activities.


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