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I have been a fan of card and board games since I was a little girl.  Now that I have two little boys of my own, I have been looking for a way to incorporate “game night” into their lives.  When I came across Blue Orange Games, I was instantly interested in the Spot It! games for my son and immediately added them to my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

At 2 1/2 years old, my toddler has learned the numbers 1-10, basic shapes and colors, as well as some of the ABC’s.  Whether it is at the grocery store, on tv, or in a book, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to point out things he recognizes.  Spot It! Numbers and Shapes and Spot It! Alphabet are intended for preschoolers ages 3+ and are just perfect for him!  

The idea behind the Spot It! games is that each card has a number of objects on the front.  Any two cards you grab will have a set of one matching object.  There are 31 total cards and the game can be played with 2 to 6 players.  I have not taken full advantage of the suggested game rules since my son is still grasping the idea of games, but I have instead used the game for one-on-one learning, which is going great!  




In Spot It! Alphabet, each two cards have a matching letter.  The cards are visually appealing with different colors and sizes of letters.  Since he is still learning the alphabet, I can tell my son to look for the “red H” and it helps him to “spot it” and recognize the letter H on the card.  Once he finds one, I tell him to look for it on the other card.  Spot It! Numbers and Shapes is just as fun!  Every 2 cards has a matching number 1-9 or basic shape to spot, also in varying colors and sizes.  

There are a variety of ways to play but the most common is to place the cards face down in a pile.  Have a player take the top 2 cards and turn them over as everyone quickly tries to identify the pair.  Once a player identifies the pair, they take those cards.  Whoever has the most cards when the pile runs out is the winner.  

This is a gift that will grow with your child, so it won’t be overused and forgotten after the first of the year!  As your child gets older, you can continue to use the cards in new ways.  Ask your child to identify even or odd numbers, find an object around the room that contains the shape they have spotted or even have your child spell a word beginning with that letter.  You will find more suggestions on the instruction booklet for more fun game play.  My son has enjoyed our version of game play so far and I can’t wait to introduce him to new ways to play!  


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