Tutorial + Free Valentine’s Day Wallpapers for cell phones

Surprise your loved one with this cute Valentine's Day wallpaper on their cell phone!  Create your own or use the pre-made designs.   


This is such a fun little way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.  Plus it is so easy to make!  If you are able to get a hold of your Valentine’s phone for a moment, you could set this up in a matter of minutes!  


Step 1: Determine what type of phone your loved one has.  

Once you know, you can search for the dimensions required for a wallpaper or lock screen on that phone.  For example, I Googled “iPhone 4s wallpaper dimensions” and found out that it needs to be 960 pixels tall and 460 pixels wide.


Step 2:  Visit PicMonkey.com or another editing software site.  

The following directions will refer to editing via PicMonkey.com.  PicMonkey is free to use and does not require any downloads, but unfortunately isn’t available for use on mobile phones yet.  




Step 3:  Create your image.

Near the top, click “Design” and create a custom sized image.  Change the dimensions to those you found earlier when searching. 




Step 4:  Design away!  

For the design I created, I started off changing the canvas color.  To do this, I clicked the first icon on the left side.  Click “Canvas Color” and choose the color you would like as the background of the wallpaper.  I then clicked the butterfly on the left and started adding hearts.  If you would like to duplicate one, just right click and choose “duplicate overlay.”  You can even change the color, size, and transparency of each shape.   If you would like to add text, just click the Tt on the left and choose a font.  Once your image is complete, save it to your computer by clicking “Save” above the image you just created.  


Step 5:  Add this image to your loved one’s phone as a wallpaper.  

Everything up to this point could be created on your own computer at your own time.  Now you need to decide how to transfer it to your Valentine’s phone.  I was able to transfer the photo to my own phone, then texted it to my husband’s iPhone before he woke up.  I quickly saved the image and set it as his lock screen.  Since he is often in a rush to leave for work in the morning, he did not even notice it until he was at work.  What a fun surprise!  


Want to download these designs? 

I have created a few of these designs in various dimensions for you to download.  If your phone has different dimensions, you may still be able to make these work.  Just click each image to bring it up as full size.  Then right click the image, save to your computer and proceed to step 5.  If these seem popular, I may even add more designs! Good luck and have fun!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  


iPhone 4/4s










iPhone 5/5s/5c










Samsung Galaxy S3










Samsung Galaxy S4










 These images were made with PicMonkey!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


Valentine's Day "Love" Wallpaper: Free download and tutorial

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