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DormCo: Go Vault for students and parents



If you have a college student on your Christmas shopping list, you can stop your search for the perfect present. Look no further than DormCo which has found a spot in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  While it has been a few years since I last furnished my own dorm room, I remember how fun it was, with the unique arrangements and bright colors.  Unfortunately, I did not know where to shop for dorm supplies, so I stuck to shopping mostly at Walmart.  

After having taken a look around DormCo, I have found a lovely assortment of bedding and decor!  They have cute Twin XL sheets and comforters; the Shay Twin XL Comforter Set – College Ave Designer Series is my favorite.  You can also find futons of various sizes and colors to go with your decor.  They even have a fun all-in-one kitchen item – the 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe – to make sure you have no excuse for skipping breakfast! 

Sometimes we need to think a bit further than decor and cooking when it comes to college shopping.  A lot of college students will learn that they need to secure their belongings from theft.  I am not just referring to their laptops and tvs; I am talking about smaller items too.  It can be hard to find a safe place to keep small items like a spare set of keys, a special necklace, or small electronics.  This is where DormCo’s Go Vault comes in!  This nifty item is small enough to keep hidden in a dresser drawer, but big enough to hold an assortment of items.  It is 7″x5.5″x2.25″ and feels surprisingly durable!  It comes with a detachable cable and combination lock that can be used to attach it to furniture. 


DormCo Go Vault With Lock


While I am not a college student anymore (and my boys have quite a while til they are) I have found a great use for my GoVault.  My husband suffered from a heart attack earlier this year so he has a few medications that are very important.  Although I can hardly open the medicine bottles myself and I don’t think there is any way my 2 year old could, I am not taking any chances.  Even if all my son did was hid the pill bottles, that could cause us many problems.  My husband would not be able to get a refill for a few days and some of these medications are VERY important to take on a daily basis.  The GoVault fits these medicine bottles perfectly and keeps them safe from the little hands in our house!  Although it is made of plastic, the GoVault feels very sturdy and I feel like my home is a much safer place for everyone with the medication locked up.  

Though intended for a college student, the GoVault has uses for just about everyone!  What would you use it for?  


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2013 Holiday Gift Guide

DormCo was chosen to be included in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  Are you looking for that perfect gift?  Check out the gifts on our list and you might find just what you were looking for! 


Family Centsability was not monetarily compensated for this post. A product sample was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.

Campus Book Rentals’ Fall Sale



Campus Book Rentals Fall Sale and Rentback



School is back in session, and now that you’re finding out what textbooks are REALLY required for each class, it’s time to grab the books while you still have motivation to study them!  If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks, just to turn around and sell them (or being stuck with them because they’re no longer accepting that book for next semester), the solution is here.  Campus Book Rentals is a textbook rental site that helps students cut their costs each semester, without the worry of being stuck with books and a lack of cash.  I’ve checked out Campus Book Rentals before and since then, they’ve made a lot of progress and provide more benefits than ever!

For every textbook that is rented, a donation is made to Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a charitable group of medical professionals who provide reconstructive surgery and care for children born with cleft lip.  This medical care saves lives – many children with cleft lip are unable to eat, are shunned in their community, and often cannot speak or smile.  The contributions from textbook rentals help fund this amazing effort! 

Another new perk is an entirely new service called RentBack.  Rentback allows you, the student, to rent your textbooks to other students!  My husband and I have a number of college textbooks in our library, because they weren’t going to be used at our school the following semester.  We were just stuck with a book or a low price on eBay.  With RentBack you’re able to take those books and rent them to other students, possibly earning multiple times your money back.  Who could pass up that chance?Continue Reading…

Have you given the gift of education?


GradSave is giving your friends and family the opportunity to help out with your child’s education.  We all know college is expensive so why not let your friends and family help out?!  Just create a GradSave account and let your friends and family help out!  If they purchase a gift card, they will even receive this cute Halloween Ty Beanie Bear!  Let your friends and family know what a difference they can make in your child’s education and you could get a great head start on their college tuition!  

GradSave also has the $10,000 college savings sweepstakes!!! Don’t miss out on it!  




Campus Book Rentals: Save up to 90% on text books!


I graduated college 3 1/2 years ago and I remember clearly how big of an expense text books were.  I had to buy the books then either keep or if I was lucky, I could sell them at the end of the semester.  My cousin however was able to rent text books through her school and saved a lot of money that way!  I did not know at the time, but Campus Book Rentals is available for anyone – I could have saved so much money!  Just search the books available and have them shipped free, straight to your door then return them at the end of the semester!  If you tend to switch or drop classes at the beginning of the semester, don’t worry – they offer a 30-day risk free policy which means that you can return the book for 100% back!  

Campus Book Rental offers books up to 90% off the price you would pay new at your school.  Over 5,800 campuses have been served by Campus Book Rental!  Campus Book Rentals claims to have “nearly every textbook available for rent” – Take a look and see how much YOU can save on next semester’s books!  

See a price example here for a Communication Law book similar to one that I had to pay full price for at my college.  As you can see, the price varies if you will only rent the book for summer, a quarter or a full semester.  

Also make sure you check out the referral program and Operation Smile –  Campus Book Rentals donates with every book rented.  Their goal is to change over 1,000 lives!  Here is what they have to say about the program: 

“2012 is a new year, with a mix of old and new in our making a difference program. First off, we’re keeping our partnership with Operation Smile. They are an awesome organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. The long term improvement in quality of life for the children that receive these surgeries is almost incomprehensible. We’re honored to support the children of Operation Smile.

We’ve also set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships to be distributed to students in communities just like yours. That’s a lot of books, and we hope to touch a lot of students who could use a hand. 

So add that extra book to your cart. When you rent textbooks from us, you make a difference.”


Check out this FAQ video by Campus Book Rentals: 





This was a paid post, sponsored by Campus Book Rentals.


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