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5 ways to reduce the stress of Christmas shopping


Great tips for making your Christmas shopping less stressful
1. Start early

This is the most helpful, yet least followed suggestion.  Unless you are purchasing a holiday specific gift set or product that will not be released until just before the holidays, you can start your shopping as early as you want!  I find this to be the most efficient way to be prepared, save the most money, and reduce the stress of holiday shopping.  This also is true for homemade gifts.  Even if the gift itself will not take long to make, popular supplies will sell out quickly as others prepare to make gifts as well.


2. Prepare

Make lists of who you need to shop for, what you need to buy, and where you need to get it.  Check out our holiday gift guide for some great ideas!  Also look ahead of time at ads to price match and for coupons to save some money.  Your gift recipient never has to know ;-)


3. Map out a route

I know this sounds silly but map out your shopping route.  Make sure you know where each store is located. Tackle one shopping center at a time. The holiday shopping time is well known for being busy and with more accidents, even when the weather is clear.  When looking for a store, make sure to stay a safe distance behind the next vehicle so they don’t surprise you with a sudden stop.  An accident, no matter how minor, will cause you more lost time than heading to the next stop light and going back to your missed turn.


4. Shop online

If you know what you are looking for, many products are available on the retailer or store website with affordable or even free shipping rates during the holidays.  You never know, you may even find a better deal or a gift that wasn’t available in store!


5. Have back up gift ideas

Unfortunately stores may sell out of that new toy everyone is talking about, so make sure to have a back up gift idea for the inevitable.


So these are just a few rules that I follow from year to year.  What is your biggest stress-reducing Christmas shopping tip?


Make your holiday shopping go much more smoothly by following these 5 tips

Incredibundles: Your new source of baby gifts!


Incredibundles is the only baby gift basket service you need!


It’s coming up on that time of year again – finding the perfect gifts for the special little ones in your life.  Whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, or new additions to the family, gift baskets are always a fun way to give something thoughtful and with enough variety to keep their attention for more than a day.  Enter IncrediBundles!

IncrediBundles sells various bundles of age appropriate gifts with multiple themes.  From diaper bundles to bath bundles, learn-and-grow to sleep time, they’ve got every situation covered!  You can even create your own unique bundle.  We’ve previously reviewed a Book Bundle and our kids absolutely loved it.  Some of the books are still a part of their bedtime routine!


A wide variety of baby gift baskets are available for you to choose from or even create your own unique box!


And perhaps the best part is that, as any parent (or cat owner) knows, the box often gets as much attention as the contents.  The box we received was a larger box, very sturdy, with snaps to hold everything in place.  When you need to store it away, you can unsnap the box apart and fold it flat.  Then when you need to use it, snap it back together!  It has stood up to our kids much longer than a typical cardboard box, and is still in their bedroom holding toys.  Plus it’s adorable with a decorative alphabet printed along the inside and outside of the box.  Making the box a part of the gift just makes it all the more special.

Just look how adorable these storage boxes are!


Make sure to keep IncrediBundles in mind when gift shopping this year.  You can even order a subscription to deliver age appropriate boxes at regular intervals, giving gifts that continuously grow and develop with your little ones to keep them stimulated!


A wide variety of baby gift baskets are available for you to choose from or even create your own unique box!

Disclosure:  We were provided a complimentary product or payment in return for an honest review.

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