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IK Multimedia Releases Amplitude 3.0


Press Release written by IK Multimedia.  


IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube 3.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

  The complete mobile guitar studio adds timeline audio editing and new models


May 30, 2013  –  IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music-creation apps and accessories, is proud to announce the new version of the highly acclaimed AmpliTube® App, which now adds a complete multi-track Studio with timeline audio editing and new gear models, making it the most comprehensive guitar and audio production app available. Now users can play, practice, compose and record complete songs from start to finish, anywhere inspiration strikes, on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



The new release of AmpliTube completely changes the game for mobile music production and offers everything musicians need to quickly and easily record complete songs: a full guitar/bass rig; a multi-track recorder with effects; a new timeline audio editing suite for arranging, editing, mixing and mastering; a built-in programmable drummer; professional export features for sharing creations with the world; and the possibility to work simultaneously with other audio apps.


When used with the IK Multimedia iRig® line of guitar interfaces (like the new high-quality iRig HD, iRig STOMP or the iRig adapter), microphone products (like iRig Mic or iRig PRE) AmpliTube 3.0 provides an all-in-one solution with unmatched sound quality, guitar tone, recording flexibility and ease of use for the professional mobile musician.


The New AmpliTube Studio— Timeline Audio Editing Suite

The newest feature in AmpliTube 3.0 is the Studio, where users will see their audio tracks on a timeline with a waveform display, much like they are used to on their DAW (digital audio workstation) software on their computer. Audio regions can be manipulated with a full set of commands and controls: cut, copy, paste, delete, normalize, split (at playhead), create fades and crop clips. 


Clips can easily be moved and adjusted with a simple gesture for precise alignment with other clips, and a grid feature provides “snapping” of regions to the timeline for easy positioning. Recording into a track is as simple as touching it, arming it and hitting record. AmpliTube Studio makes recording, arranging, editing and perfecting a complete song from start to finish a breeze, and once again revolutionizes the way musicians create on the go.


The new Studio is an extension of the AmpliTube recorder,which starts as a single-track recorder, and can be expanded to 4-track (iPhone/iPod touch) or 8-track (iPad) putting a full multi-track recorder with mastering effects the fingertips of the user. The multi-track recorder has features rivaling even the most sophisticated studio setups, like effects send and master multi-effects, which can add that professional feel to any recording. The recorder with the new Studio section is designed to allow players to quickly and easily get their musical ideas recorded, polished and ready for prime time.


A Complete Guitar Rig with New Gear

At its core, AmpliTube continues to be all about outstanding guitar and bass tone, and offers a full guitar/bass rig including tuner; selectable stomp box effects; amplifiers from the world’s top amp manufacturers like Fender®, Ampeg®, and Soldano®; collections from artists like Jimi Hendrix™, Slash and others; plus selectable speaker cabinets and microphones. 


Exclusively for iRig HD users, AmpliTube 3.0 now also offers four new free gear models that address the tone needs of the most demanding metal and rock players — the Metal 150 and Metal W amps, and the X-Flanger and Wharmonator “Whammy” pedals. Never before has such a massive and comprehensive collection of tone machines been offered to mobile guitarists, right at their fingertips. 


A Drummer Always in the Pocket

With AmpliTube’s built-in Loop Drummer, players will always have a professional drummer with them. Loop Drummer features complete groove “building blocks,” including intros, fills, main and alternate rhythms, and outros. It’s extremely flexible and easy to use, and covers virtually every style of music. Start with the free Rock style installed, and add more genre packs via in-app purchase, covering most musical styles, including Metal, Funky, Blues, and many others. 


The Perfect Rehearsal Tool

AmpliTube also features a robust Song section that allows you to load pre-recorded material into it, change the tempo and/or pitch if desired, and practice along. This is a great tool for learning new material, or simply creating new riffs over existing material by using the “No Voice” center-cancel button that mutes audio panned to the center of the stereo field. 


Supports Other Favorite Mobile Music Apps

AmpliTube is also Audiobus compatible, which means that it can be used simultaneously with up to 4 other compatible audio apps. Players can use other IK apps like SampleTank®, iLectric™ Piano or iGrand™ Piano; record material directly into the AmpliTube recorder or studio section; or use the AmpliTube signal chain as a tone generator, effects processor or recorder for other apps like GarageBand.


Price and Availability

AmpliTube 3.0 is a free update for all previous users and it’s available now on the App Store both as a free or paid app for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad for only $19.99 for new users. The new Studio feature is available as in-app purchase for $9.99 on iPhone and iPod touch and $14.99 on iPad for users who have already purchased the multi-track recorder, or at a special bundle price that includes also the multi-track recorder for new users.


The four new gear models are exclusively available to iRig HD interface users, through simply connecting the interface to the app.



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Review: iRig Stomp and iRig Keys



This is for those of you who fall into one of three categories.  Category A – you love music.  You love to play music, and you want to record that music or to make music wherever you are, without waiting until you get home or to a studio.  Category B – you love technology.  You tend to find some special feature of a device that other people don’t have, and you have to get it because even if you don’t use it often, you have the “WOW” factor (not to mention showing it off to friends who are missing out!).  Finally category C – you want to give a gift this year.  Not one that will get thrown into the Goodwill pile.  Not one that garners an “oh, socks, great… thanks.”  A real, “wow I’m excited, this is awesome!” gift.

Belong to one of those categories? Then keep reading.  My husband and I fall into more than one of those categories, and couldn’t have been more intrigued the first time we saw the original AmpliTube iRig guitar cable in stores.  IK Multimedia has since come out with many new and exciting devices, and sent me two of them, the iRig Stomp and iRig Keys to try. 


iRig Stomp



The iRig Stomp is a full stompbox pedal for guitar that allows users to connect their electric guitar to their iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.  In the box is the iRig Stomp (which is a sturdy aluminum pedal), a six and a half foot audio cable, instruction booklets and a 9v battery.  The AmpliTube app is a free download from the App Store, but the device is also compatible with other music applications such as GarageBand.

This stompbox looks like any other – small rectangular metal box, large gain knob on top, a foot switch, and various input/outputs.  There is an input for the guitar, interface for your iOS device, a headphone port, a cabinet or chain output for your speaker or next effect pedal, and a monitor speaker output.  The knob adjusts the gain from your guitar input, and the chrome foot switch turns your iOS effects on or off.



The iRig Stomp works great, and while it can become a seamless part of a gig setup, chances are you will use it more at home or out with friends and its size is perfect for that. My husband used the stomp box with his guitar and his Spider effects amp, and did not lose any signal or get any interference. The sound quality was much better than you’d expect from something that plugs into your iPhone.

The issue most people will encounter is the cost of apps to use this with your iOS device.  AmpliTube is free, but you only get a few stomps, amps and one cabinet model to use.  If you want to use any others, you will have to make in-app purchases to download them.  Most other decent and compatible apps are not free either, although they don’t cost a ton.


iRig Keys


The iRig Keys is even more exciting than the Stomp!  This is an electronic keyboard compatible with iOS devices as well as Mac and PC.  The package includes the 37 key piano, 30-pin dock cable, a USB cable and a card with serial numbers for the included computer software.

I have not been able to test the Keys with my computer, but I did connect it to my iOS devices.  The piano works great, as expected, and the apps give multiple sounds to use (additional sounds, piano models and more are available in-app purchases).  While in app, you can select which octave to use, or simply slide the piano keys on screen to the left or right and the piano will change octaves to match the app.

The keys are velocity sensitive, so if you press softly, it plays softly. Pound on the keys and it will be much louder.  This is a great feature for an affordable keyboard, because every note shouldn’t be the same (pianoforte means soft and loud, right?).  The iRig Keys doesn’t need an external power source other than your iOS device, so you only have one cable to deal with.  Just plug the included cable from the keyboard to your dock port, open the app you want to use, and you’re ready to make music! The only thing that would make this device better is if the keys lit up to show what note to play next.

After testing each device for a while, I was surprised to find that we use the iRig Stomp less even though my husband is a guitarist.  I expected the iRig Keys to be gimmicky and not usable for real music making, but we have found both devices great for playing, recording, and even making sound effects for iPhone apps he is helping to develop!  The Keys might be less usable as a professional device, but the Stomp can definitely be used for gigging and recording.  I’m torn on which is more useful, but both would make awesome gifts for music lovers! 


Connect with iRig

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Family Centsability was not monetarily compensated for this post. A product sample was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.


Review: itummy Maternity Band

When I was pregnant with my son (who is now 13 months) I was a first time mom.  I was reading everything I could on parenting to make sure I did everything right.  One thing that I read about was music for the baby before birth.  At 16 weeks, the baby is able to hear sounds outside the womb.  The only headphones I had were earbuds which do not sit well on your belly…and I sure wasn’t sticking them in my belly button!  Instead, I just played music in the room I was in often, hoping he could hear it.  Now that I am pregnant again, I decided to see if there were any better solutions to play music for my belly.  While searching online, I came across the itummy Maternity Band.  How genius!  It is a band that has a special pouch for your mp3 player and has two small speakers that aim at the bottom of your belly.  

I was lucky with my son and he was upside down from week 20.  We never had to worry about him being breech…he was in position and ready to greet the world.  The itummy Maternity Band encourages babies to follow the music to avoid a breech position at birth.  I have heard that every pregnancy is different so the itummy may help me make sure that baby #2 is in the right position just like his or her big brother.  

When I slipped on the itummy Maternity Band, I was instantly comfortable.  I am only 18 weeks right now and the band is a little loose which is perfect – I definitely will need the room to grow in the next 22 weeks!  The band also can serve as a support band.  I had to pull the band up a little for the headphones to be in the right place but as my belly grows, they will adjust to the right position.  Hooking up your mp3 player is easy – I even used my iPhone.  Just plug the headphone jack in and start your music and you are ready to go.  Be sure to check the volume before you put the speakers down on your belly because the volume depends on your mp3 player’s volume. 


As I mentioned before, the itummy Maternity Band has a pouch for your mp3 player at the top.  Since my iPhone is a little large and my belly still a bit small, I did have to adjust the band to be comfortable but with a smaller mp3 player, it is hardly noticeable.  

The itummy Maternity Band is great to wear around the house.  I washed dishes and went on with my normal life with the band on and almost forgot it was there until my phone rang.  If you keep the volume at a reasonable level, you will not even notice it as you wear the band.  I can’t wait to create a special playlist for when I use the itummy and let this baby start listening to some tunes!  




Purchase your own itummy Maternity Band

The itummy maternity band can be purchased online on the itummy website for just $49.95 in sizes small, medium and large.  You can choose either tan or black for the color.  itummy also sells relaxing music cds and hot packs.  

Visit the itummy website






There was no compensation for this review however a product sample was provided. All reviews by Family Centsability are honest opinions.

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