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Gymboree celebrates: #cherishchildhood


Do you ever find yourself looking at your child and wishing you could just stop time? You are not alone! The folks at Gymboree want you to join them in celebrating and sharing cherished moments in childhood. Gymboree has created an amazing new video to help kick off this campaign and I am thrilled to share it with you. This video is truly touching and must be watched by all parents. So watch and enjoy, then share your favorite cherished childhood moments in the comments! Be sure to use the hashtag #cherishchildhood when commenting or if you share this video with friends! Without further ado, I present to you “Today we’ve got to play!” sponsored by Gymboree:

TOMS: $10 off and FREE SHIPPING!


TOMS $10 OFF and FREE Shipping


Right now you can save $10 off any purchase at TOMS and get free shipping!!! Just use coupon code “THANKYOU13.”  I haven ever seen such a great deal on TOMS before!  Plus, for every pair of shoes you buy from TOMS they’ll donate a pair to someone in need!  The cute pair above can be purchased for $22 AND you are helping charity!  How awesome!  You can find out more about their charity program “One for One” here

Get 5% cash back if you shop through Ebates too! 



Thanks to Embracing Beauty for sharing this great deal with me! 



Campus Book Rentals’ Fall Sale



Campus Book Rentals Fall Sale and Rentback



School is back in session, and now that you’re finding out what textbooks are REALLY required for each class, it’s time to grab the books while you still have motivation to study them!  If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks, just to turn around and sell them (or being stuck with them because they’re no longer accepting that book for next semester), the solution is here.  Campus Book Rentals is a textbook rental site that helps students cut their costs each semester, without the worry of being stuck with books and a lack of cash.  I’ve checked out Campus Book Rentals before and since then, they’ve made a lot of progress and provide more benefits than ever!

For every textbook that is rented, a donation is made to Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a charitable group of medical professionals who provide reconstructive surgery and care for children born with cleft lip.  This medical care saves lives – many children with cleft lip are unable to eat, are shunned in their community, and often cannot speak or smile.  The contributions from textbook rentals help fund this amazing effort! 

Another new perk is an entirely new service called RentBack.  Rentback allows you, the student, to rent your textbooks to other students!  My husband and I have a number of college textbooks in our library, because they weren’t going to be used at our school the following semester.  We were just stuck with a book or a low price on eBay.  With RentBack you’re able to take those books and rent them to other students, possibly earning multiple times your money back.  Who could pass up that chance?Continue Reading…

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