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Ahhh.. comfort for my feet from Sanuk

Who knew flip flops could be so comfortable?  Sanuk really outdid themselves because these are amazing!


Thanks to Sanuk, my feet are now living in comfort and it is amazing! 

Here’s my story:

At the beginning of summer, I made a mistake and stocked up on cheap flip flops.  You know, the ones you can buy for a dollar.  They’re great for keeping a spare in the car, wearing to play in the dirt, etc.  But they’re not great for your feet.  A month into summer, I was regretting the decision to go cheap instead of quality.  My feet ached daily from the moment I woke up.  It was horrible.  I just wanted to sit down and prop my feet up all day long.

One day when we were visiting our local Scheels (one my sons’ favorite places), I wandered over to the shoe section and saw a few styles of Sanuk sandals that looked amazingly comfortable.  They were made of yoga mat material…yes, I’m serious!  I knew I had to try them for the sake of my feet and I’m so glad I did!


Comfort and style in one.. Sanuk is more than just surfer wear!


I have been wearing my Sanuk flip flops almost every day for 2 months now. Within a week I could tell a huge difference.  My feet were no longer achey when I woke up.  Thank goodness!  While I primarily wear my Yoga Mat flip flops, I like to alternate occasionally with my Yoga Chakra pair, especially after a rainy day.  Because of the tiny air pockets that allow the squish, the Yoga Mat style soak up water.  Even after just running through the rain to take my son from the car to the preschool door, they retained my foot’s impression for the rest of the day and were less comfortable as they did not squish the same.  Once they dried out, they were like new again!


Kids need comfortable footwear too - check out these bright and SQUISHY flip flops.. my 4 year old wears them every day!


Sanuk has so many more styles available than just these two.  They also have kid styles!  My son was pretty excited to see the blue/green/black Rootbeer Cozy Lite set in his size.  Unfortunately the sizes didn’t go small enough for my 2 year old’s tiny feet, but I think I was the only one who cared – it’s just so much fun dressing them to match :)  Although the foot bed feels a little different, maybe a bit more durable, it is also made of yoga mat.  It is wonderful knowing he is comfortable just like momma.

So I know as I write this, it’s the end of summer and you probably aren’t thinking ahead for next summer, but you really should!  When summer ends, the best summer apparel and footwear sales come around.  And I guarantee you that comfort will not be out of style next year!  And take a look around while you’re at it – they have boots, slippers, and other shoes as well.


Disclosure:  We were provided complimentary product(s) in return for an honest review.  All opinions presented are those of our own.  

We are ready for 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions!

Join our holiday gift guide to give your products more exposure before Christmas!


My favorite of the year is on it’s way and I am so excited!  In celebration, we will be putting together a holiday gift guide to show you some of our favorite products, newly released products, and other gift ideas!

Readers: Stay tuned for our gift guide!  We’ve already started trying out new products to see whether they are worthy of a spot.  Feel free to comment with your recommendations!

PR/Brands: Do you have products that would make great Christmas presents or stocking stuffers this year?  I would love to collaborate with you and find out just what you have in mind!  Please email us at FamilyCentsability@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Types of gifts we would like to include:

  • Toys, kid’s apparel, accessories, etc (any age accepted, however we are most able to try and photograph those for boys aged 3-5) – superheroes are a plus!
  • Electronics, accessories (i.e. new releases of Xbox One games for teens/dads, games for the family and kids, etc)
  • Gift baskets
  • Home decor
  • Gifts for moms and dads, grandparents
  • Unique gifts (handmade, personalized, etc)
  • Stocking stuffers


Crocs for kids: fun and comfort all in one!


If you are looking for comfortable shoes that your child won’t mind wearing, check out Crocs!  With so many styles available now, you will find everything from sandals to athletic shoes to boots.  I received children’s Dawson Easy-On Sneakers and Crocslights Gust Boots to try out and my son hasn’t wanted to part with either, even after a long day out.

My 2 year old is learning to dress himself while my 3 1/2 year old is very independent and prefers I do not help him with anything.  The Dawson Easy-On Sneakers are absolutely perfect for both of them.  The shoes are easy to slip on, fasten, and are light weight, eliminating any chunkiness that may cause them to trip and fall.  Both boys are able to get dressed in record time (for toddlers) and feel proud that they were able to do it all by themselves.




Light up shoes will never get old.  I had some as a child and my oldest has already experienced his first pair of light up sneakers.  But the Crocslights Gust Boots are something else!  Not only are they a perfect lightweight boot for fall, but the lights are amazing!  They light up brightly and provide a fun light show if it is dim out.  While these do not come in a small enough size for my littlest, he still has fun watching his big brother run around, lighting the way.

Crocs has created so many fun and comfortable styles for kids!  You’ll also find a variety of great styles for men and women if you take a look around the Crocs website.  Keep them in mind as you complete your Christmas shopping this year!


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