Teaching Music from Home: A Challenging Yet Rewarding Path

Teaching Music from Home: A Challenging but Rewarding Path


As a stay at home mom, I’m always looking for sources of supplementary income.  For some it is a necessity, for others it is simply to afford the “extras” in life.  But what are the best ways to work from home?  It really depends on your skills.  Today, we’re talking about musicians!

It’s no secret: Earning an income as a professional musician is no easy task. Your dream of filling concert halls or stadiums may keep your passion alive, but it is still important to keep the lights on and food in the fridge.

Many talented musicians – even well-established ones – turn to teaching as a means of paying the bills, or just to acquire supplemental income. In addition to the financial benefits, teaching music is a rewarding opportunity to help students improve their skills. Watching your pupils progress and make breakthroughs in their studies is a real joy, but this requires a great deal of patience and hard work on the part of both the student and teacher.

Are you a musician who needs extra income? Teaching may be a smart option, but before you start handing out flyers and posting ads on Craigslist, you should investigate the options for teaching online classes. This way, you can reach a broad audience of music enthusiasts from the convenience of your own home.


Where Do I Find Students Online?
There are a number of referral services on the Internet that match students and teachers. Many are based in a specific location or region, and you will want to search for such services in your area. Those associated with colleges generally only list alumni of that school, and if you attended college, you should check to see if your institution has an alumni listing.

There are also several nationwide listing services. One of the better-known and recognized music teaching platforms is LessonRating.com.

LessonRating has been praised in a number of blog reviews, including this editorial entitled “Learning an Instrument: Yes You Can” at WeAllWantSomeone.org. With LessonRating, you can get your name out there and set the foundation for long-term success as a music teacher.


How Do Online Music Teaching Platforms Work?
This varies from site to site. For example, in the case of LessonRating, you simply go to the website at LessonRating.com.

There are varying tiers that you may sign up for, and some of them have a fee attached. Fees range from free to about $100.

You can conduct lessons in your home, the student’s home or via Skype. Be aware, though, that there is an art to working from home successfully. Here is a great resource on this topic: How to Find Your Work at Home Groove.

Once you’ve been listed and have managed to attract some students, they have the opportunity to rate your abilities as a teacher. Building a good reputation on these sites can help you attract more business and may allow you to charge extra for your services.

How Much Will I Make?

This varies from service to service, and it largely depends on your abilities and qualifications. But you should be able to bring in a minimum of $20 per hour – sometimes significantly more.

If you feel that teaching music is a good way to earn a living, get your name out there and give yourself a little time to build a clientele. This can be an immensely rewarding opportunity both for yourself and for those whom you will teach.


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