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If you have seen Tommee Tippee products at the store, the first thing you probably noticed was that they are different than the other products you have seen.  My boys are just 18 months apart, which means that they have plenty of time to use sippy cups and toddler tableware together, so I have been searching for a good set to use for both of them. 

Tommee Tippee has 6 styles of sippy cups.  The First Sips cup is intended for those who are weaning from the bottle and moving to the sippy.  Then there’s the Truly Spill Proof Straw cup for the more skilled and experienced.  I received a sippy cup that is in the middle – the Truly Spill Proof Sporty Bottle.  This bottle resembles a parent’s sports bottle without the push/pull top.  Easiflow® technology allows this spout to remain completely spill proof allowing your child to shake it (or whip it at the floor like mine tend to) and keep the liquid inside.  Other sippy cups we have tried tend to drip or splatter as they are moved around.  Both my 11 month old and 2 1/2 year old have gotten their hands on the Truly Spill Proof Sporty Bottle and so far I have not seen a drop come out of it.  My youngest is still grasping the idea of sucking so he has not quite mastered using this cup yet but my 2 1/2 year old was able to drink out of it without a problem.  




For the parent wanting their child to practice feeding themselves, Tommee Tippee has a wonderful assortment of tableware.  The Easi-Mat, Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls, and Section Plates are like nothing I have seen from another brand before.  The Easi-Mat grips the table as it suctions to the bowl or plate, keeping dishes in place and on the table where they belong.  The Easy Scoop Bowls look like a normal bowl at first, until you look at the base.  A triangular shape at the base of the bowl allows toddlers (and parents) to scoop food much more easily than the typical rounded bases.  The Section Plates are perfect for parents introducing a variety of foods at one mealtime.  My 2 1/2 year old likes to mix his food…on the same spoon… Yes, that means a bite of peas and applesauce all in the same bite.  However, many children do not like having their foods mixed, so this bowl is just perfect!  Also with almost a triangular shape to each section, these plates are easy for toddlers to scoop up their food.  

Although sometimes my children don’t think so, with plates and bowls also comes the need of utensils.  Tommee Tippee has 4 styles of spoons right now: Feeding Spoons, First Feeding Spoons, Heat Sensing Spoons, and Soft Tip Infant Feeding Spoons.  I know it sounds like they are all very similar with the exception of the Heat Sensing Spoons but it is all in the length of handle, shape, and size of the spoons.  I had a chance to try out the Heat Sensing Spoons.  We often heat up my youngest’s baby food a bit and I always have to wash my hands, stick my finger in to test the temperature then wash them again.  The Heat Sensing Spoons save me a bit of trouble.  They start out red and turn an orange-yellow when hot.  I must not be overheating my son’s baby food because the spoon has not yet changed color when feeding him, but I did test it under hot water and they worked quite quickly!  The spoons are also fairly shallow, which is perfect for little mouths.  

I have been pretty impressed with the Tommee Tippee tableware and sippy cups, and have no doubt that the rest of their products hold up to the same quality.  I look forward to trying more products while my boys are still in the toddler stage.  I think that the Easi-Mats would be a great addition to our tableware!  

If you are looking for a great gift for new moms, Tommee Tippee has released their Snowflake Holiday Gift Set.  This set includes 3 BPA free Closer to Nature bottles and 2 pacifiers, all decorated with snowflakes.  These are available exclusively at Target for the 2013 holiday season.  


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