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This year, give the gift of vision!  Sounds big, right?  The Moultrie Trace Premise and Perimeter cameras act as your eyes when you’re away, whether it’s to protect your home or business, or to track the habits of game for hunting season.  These two affordable camera systems provide a wide range of options and benefits, allowing you to be at ease when away from home or the tree stand.

The Moultrie Trace Premise camera is designed to be easy to use and quick to set up.  The camera takes high resolution photos and HD video both day and night, using motion detection and a strong infrared flash effective up to 50 feet.  It takes up to a 32GB SD card, is lockable, and has a control panel giving access to many options including photo, video, timers, and other settings.

Set this up with the included bracket and in less than 5 minutes you’ll have an operating trail cam or set it up near your house or business to get video or picture evidence next time someone breaks in or vandalizes something.  Though this model was designed and marketed for security use, it has all the features of the Moultrie trail cameras and can be used anywhere, so you know where to be for that perfect shot!  Has an optional external power port if used near home or business. Runs on 8 AA when in the field. 

The Moultrie Trace Perimeter camera is a surveillance camera with a 150 degree range.  Three motion sensors and a rotating infrared flash and camera allow this device to be placed anywhere and see a wide range, automatically taking either high resolution photos, panoramic photos, or HD video when motion is detected.  It is weather proof, with a lockable control panel, and takes an SD card up to 32GB.

Has optional external power port if you do not want to use batteries.  Detects motion up to 45 feet away, and the infrared flash is effective up to 60 feet.  If this camera is against a wall, its wide field of view will let you see almost anything near the house in a panorama made from three photos.  Each photo can be imprinted if desired, with options for moon phase, date, time, camera number, and current temperature. 

Both cameras are similarly made and are quite durable and strong.  The control panels lock with any typical padlock, and since the images and videos are stored on SD cards, it is very easy to retrieve and view what they had captured, without having to move the camera from its location.  Tip: Use more than one SD card.  When you take one out to check what it captured, put the second card in.  That way you never leave the camera without a card, ensuring you don’t miss anything.

Whether you know someone who runs a business or lives in the country and needs security, or there’s a hunter on your gift list this year, the Moultrie Trace cameras are sure to be a hit!  The two cameras represent different price ranges, meaning there’s something for everyone.  It’s sure to be a gift that will get used more than once!


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