Understanding dangers of mold in the home


Understanding the dangers of mold in the home


Keeping my family healthy is top priority, and we learned that our son is extremely allergic to certain molds that release dangerous mycotoxins into the air so we have been taking extra steps to make sure our house is safe. 

Mold can go hidden under flooring, behind paneling, or even in the foods we eat.  Those who are severely affected may need to avoid cheese, mushrooms, certain breads, jellies, and more.  They may also need to avoid certain areas outdoor if sensitive.  And ensuring your home is free of mold is also very important.  You make think it is safe, but take these steps, just in case:


Places to look for mold in your home:

  • Bathrooms – behind fixtures, along the floor, in the shower
  • Behind furniture, especially if you live in a moist environment – in the state of Washington, my parents found mold growing behind our couch when I was a child and learned it was the culprit to my asthma
  • In your kitchen – mold can grow fast in the sink as dishes pile up, behind the fridge if there is moisture
  • Basement – especially walls that have ground outside
  • You may not have a visible leak in your basement, but could have walls full of mold.  Pull back trim near the bottom of the wall.  Look for any bubbling in paint or warping in wood.


How to remove the mold:

  • Remove all evidences of mold – wood, drywall, flooring
  • Remove and replace air filters
  • Fog the area – my husband is using a Concrobium fogger in our own home
  • Invest in a dehumidifier unless the mold was purely from a leak that no longer exists
  • If you don’t feel comfortable tackling the mold yourself, hire a mold remediation or removal company.  While the cost may be steeper, they know everything to look for and have the tools to take care of it.


It is an expensive job to remove mold, but I have learned how severely it can impact one’s health.  Headaches, belly pains, or strange skin reactions can occur.  You may have no idea what is causing the problem and suffer for years before you realize.  So take a look now to prevent yourself from having issues later on.  


Sources on mold allergies, removal, and more:

CDC – Mold Information and Tips

Mayo Clinic – Mold Allergy Symptoms and Causes

CDC – Mold Cleanup and Removal

Dangers of Mold in the Home

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