Valentine’s Day Recipe: Gluten-Free “S’more” Cookie Sandwiches


Gluten Free S'more Cookies for Valentine's Day


A few weeks ago I wrote about some gluten-free options that are available at Walmart.  While I visited the Gluten-free event at my Walmart, I picked up a package of Glutino chocolate chip cookies.  I do not have a medical need for gluten-free foods, however I know several people who do, including my mother in-law.  I’ve been wanting to create a gluten-free treat that she could enjoy at family potlucks, and these cookies are the perfect start!

As someone who consumes gluten on a daily basis, I had no idea what to expect from the cookies.  As soon as I opened the package, it smelled amazing!  I snuck a bite before working on my recipe and to my surprise, they were some of the best store-bought chocolate chip cookies I’ve had.  They were really good!  Luckily one of my toddlers was napping and the other was at preschool or I may not have had any cookies left to work with ;-)

My kids LOVE marshmallows so we always have some on hand.  Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, we actually had some cute pink strawberry flavored Kraft Jet-Puffed HeartMallows.  I checked the label and they were gluten-free…perfect!  If you don’t have these specific marshmallows on hand, just about any should do.  Just check the label to ensure they are gluten-free.

This recipe is easy.  It’ll literally take you minutes to prepare and serve.  And it’s a perfect last minute treat for Valentine’s Day!


Gluten Free S'more Cookies for Valentine's Day


Simply place one cookie upside down on a plate and center a marshmallow on it.  Set the other cookie next to them and set the plate in the microwave.  For one cookie sandwich, I set the microwave to 8 seconds.  Once the marshmallow puffed up, (right around 7-8 seconds), I opened it and placed the second cookie on top.  I suggest microwaving each sandwich separately if your microwave heats a bit unevenly like mine.


Gluten Free S'more Cookies for Valentine's Day


The cookies will slightly soften, the chocolate chips will begin to melt, and the marshmallow will become gooey goodness, creating an amazing s’more cookie sandwich!  You can serve these immediately as they may be slightly warm, but not hot.

So what do you think?  I think they’re a great last minute Valentine’s day treat!  And gluten-free, so no worries over friends and family who have a gluten allergy.  If you’d like to see more gluten-free recipes featuring brands found at Walmart, head on over here!


Gluten Free S'more Cookies for Valentine's Day



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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