Yves Rocher: Holiday Cacao Collection

 Yves Rocher Cocao Holiday Collection


When I think of a gift basket, I normally picture sweet treats or relaxing bath products.  Yves Rocher’s 2013 Cacao Collection is full of delicious smelling products to pamper yourself with.  One of the best things about them?  They are totally affordable!  You can put together an amazing gift basket at a fairly reasonable cost! 

I have never been crazy about Pistachio, so I never would have thought of Pistachio when thinking of indulgent treats.  However, when I smelled the Cocoa and Pistachio products I was impressed – they smell amazing!  I received the Sparkling Shower Gel, Perfumed Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Liquid Hand Soap, and Nourishing Lip Balm all in Cocoa and Pistachio.  I expected one of them to let me down and not smell as great as the last, but none disappointed!  The soap suds up great and the lotion leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  Also available in this scent are a candle and perfumed lotion.  

The smells got even better when I opened the Cocoa and Raspberry products.  For a second, I felt as though I had opened a box of Valentine’s chocolates.  The Perfumed Body Lotion, Sparkling Shower Gel, and Hand Cream all smelled great!  Also available in this scent is perfumed shower gel.  Unfortunately the scented candle was not available in this scent but I can see why – it would smell almost too good not to eat!  

Luckily I did not receive any of the products in Cocoa and Orange or I may have to send them all to my mother who absolutely LOVES anything Orange and Cocoa.  However, I did receive two amazing smelling Vanilla CollectOR products: Shimmering Shower Gel and Eau De Toilette Intense.  Both products smell equally amazing.  Since I have bad luck with sparkles getting in my eyes (a contact lens issue), I am gifting my sparkling and shimmering products to my sister in laws and I know that they will be more than happy to use them!  They will think these are high price sets but little do they know that they are pretty reasonably priced! 

I am not sure which scent is my favorite – I enjoyed them all!  If you would like to check out all of the Cocoa Collection, be sure to visit Yves Rocher online.  They also have gift sets available, already pre-picked for you!  Remember that the Cocoa Collection is limited edition and only available through the 2013 holidays, so take advantage and order soon if you are interested in any of these scents! 


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  1. These sound so good I might try to eat them! Just kidding! But I would use every excuse in the book to take a long hot shower every night (as opposed to a 5 min. one).

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